Small Changes Provide Big Results.

Quality mattersNRN has published a blog article about food quality “Food matters, and McDonald’s just proved it”. The article in interesting as it explains how customers do notice a difference with the smallest of changes and how small improvements in quality will deliver big results in sales. Using McDonalds as their example it outlines some small changes which produced very big results for this struggling chain.

Most people think all Panko is the same, but we all know that can’t be right. Saying Panko is all the same is like saying all beef is the same or all wine is the same. In side-by-side comparison there is a noticeable difference in Authentic Panko compared to standard Panko in shape, texture, size, yield and consistency.

By making a simple upgrade to an Authentic Panko, you and your customers will note a measurable difference in both presentation and taste!

Jeff Gordon, a restaurant consultant out of San Diego, hit home with his comment stating “If you can improve the quality without layering in price, consumers will see it as a value.”

My main goal is to keep presenting and educating chefs and buyers that food quality does count and it will make a difference in the success and failure of a restaurant.

If any chef would like to learn more about authentic Panko and the benefits watch the YouTube video “Panko Bread Crumbs the Secrets Revealed” or to request a samples of an Authentic Panko contact me at We have been supplying authentic Panko to restaurant chefs worldwide for 35+ years and would love the opportunity to work with you.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the article. If you have a success story that relates to improved quality please share!

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