Authentic Tempura Batter – The Versatile Batter!

Authentic tempura batterTempura is a delicious batter for frying vegetables, meats and seafood, if you’re using an authentic tempura batter. Unfortunately many commercial batters tend to be oily, soft and just don’t hold up well.

If you’re looking for a tempura batter that is versatile and will give your menu items a perfectly cooked inside with a light and extra crispy coating outside, try Upper Crust Enterprises authentic tempura batter mix. We’ve been creating authentic tempura batter mix for restaurants and professional chefs for over 35 years.

What Makes our Batter Better?

Our authentic tempura batter mix is a unique blend of wheat and corn flour, with a special ingredient from Japan to make the flours work together. This superior blend of flours creates a lacy and crispy texture that will enhance, not overpower your food. The result is an extra crispy coating that is not only versatile, but will stay crispy for extended periods of time.

Authentic Tempura Batter – Clean and Simple

Keeping the ingredients clean and simple is key. Upper Crust Enterprises tempura batter has a short list of simple ingredients; Flour(s), starch, baking powder and salt. We never add MSG, eggs, gums, thickeners, or modified starches to our tempura batter mix. Deliver the food your customers want – simple, clean ingredients.

Because our authentic tempura batter contains no spices or seasonings, it is exceptionally versatile – you can customize and create your own signature batter.  Our tempura batter mix blends beautifully with almost any liquid.  The possibilities are endless and gives you the ability to create a one-of-a-kind batter, unique to your restaurant.

Try it for Free

Wondering if we can help you improve your current tempura batter mix? Request a free sample of Upper Crust Enterprises Tempura Batter Mix today!

Our tempura batter will deliver a lacier and crispier texture compared to your current batter, we guarantee it. Compare and taste the difference. Your customers will appreciate it.

  • Easy to blend
  • Stays crispy longer
  • Extra crispy, lacy texture
  • Mixes with water, beer, milk, or any liquid
  • Egg-free and no MSG

Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Tempura Batter is available through many foodservice distributors and Dot Foods.

Have more questions about our products? Contact us or ask your food distributor.



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