Christmas came a little early this year with the release of Grubhubs Annual “Year in Food” report. Grubhub, the leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace, analyzed millions of orders placed by more than 16 million diners on its platform and surveyed consumers across the country on their ordering tastes and eating habits, to

The pursuit for “better-for-you” food options by consumers has steadily increased in the past few years. As a result, it has significantly impacted the Food and Beverage Industry. Many major restaurants have been pro-active in meeting the growing demands for “better-for-you” options by “cleaning-up” the ingredients they use for their restaurants.  Choosing All Natural and

When does a trend stop being a trend and becomes mainstream? When a company the size of McDonald’s changes its menu to meet the demands of consumers, that’s when! It’s safe to say the demand for GMO Free, Clean Ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial colors, even in fast food is changing the food industry

That’s right, Katsu a long-time favorite comfort food in Japan is making it’s way onto American Menus – Katsu is fast becoming a star. Nancy Kruse, a highly regarded menu trend analyst and President of the Kruse Company, recently published an interesting article “Katsu Crosses Over”, citing the success and many applications restaurants are using

Professional chefs know the flavor experience is all about achieving the prefect combination of taste and texture. Achieving the precise balance isn’t always easy, nor is it easy to know exactly which element went wrong and why. However, we do know when texture and taste align, its pure perfection! Obtaining the perfect combination of taste

Amidst the healthy food trends for organic, GMO free and all natural foods the craving for fried foods are still a favorite treat for many consumers. Why is it that we enjoy fried foods so much? Besides the obvious (it’s amazing,) fried food stimulates so many different senses all at the same time. From the

Elevate your favorite menu items with Upper Crust Enterprises Italian Seasoned Panko. A perfect blend of Authentic Panko and premium Italian-style spices, with just a touch of spicy heat. Replace your standard breadcrumbs with our specialty blend of Italian Seasoned Panko and create a taste and texture combination sure to impress even the most discerning

Looking to shake things up in your professional kitchen this summer? We have just the right ingredient! Authentic Panko – that’s right, Authentic Panko.  You might think all Panko is the same because every brand you’ve tried was round with a hard firm texture.  But it is not. This mighty little Authentic Panko crumb can

Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day by adding a tastier and healthier fried chicken to your menu! Are  your customers looking for healthy alternatives to traditional deep fried chicken, but still want the crispy texture and the beautiful deep golden color that makes fried chicken so good? We have the solution for you!  Use Upper Crust

Quite possibly one of the most overlooked ingredients in the professional kitchen is also one of the most versatile. Can you guess what it is? It’s Panko! A tiny little breadcrumb that packs a tasty punch. The uses are endless, from American classics like Mac-n-Cheese to Italian comfort food and yes, even desserts. For the