Looking to shake things up in your professional kitchen this summer? We have just the right ingredient! Authentic Panko – that’s right, Authentic Panko.  You might think all Panko is the same because every brand you’ve tried was round with a hard firm texture.  But it is not. This mighty little Authentic Panko crumb can

Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day by adding a tastier and healthier fried chicken to your menu! Are  your customers looking for healthy alternatives to traditional deep fried chicken, but still want the crispy texture and the beautiful deep golden color that makes fried chicken so good? We have the solution for you!  Use Upper Crust

Quite possibly one of the most overlooked ingredients in the professional kitchen is also one of the most versatile. Can you guess what it is? It’s Panko! A tiny little breadcrumb that packs a tasty punch. The uses are endless, from American classics like Mac-n-Cheese to Italian comfort food and yes, even desserts. For the

Once considered novelty and trendy, Organic food is fast becoming the new normal. Consumers are demanding “real food”, free of additives, antibiotics and artificial components.  National Restaurant Association research indicates that more than 7 in 10 adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than they did two years ago. Is your restaurant ready to meet

There are so many descriptive words used to describe Panko, one of our favorites is from Alex Delany, “little, crispy, airy, Japanese miracles”, which is spot on! Characteristics of Authentic Japanese Panko are very simple;  light and lacey sliver shaped crumbs,  adding a light and crispy texture, without an “overly oily” taste – a pure

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and if you haven’t had time to think about creating a new menu item for your restaurant don’t worry, we’ve got it! Consider changing out the same old Fish Taco recipe and create something unique by using an Authentic Extra Crispy Tempura batter mix as your base

The secret to creating a extra crispy batter mix that’s both versatile and vegan friendly is easy, if you start with an Authentic Tempura batter mix. With so many commercial brands of Tempura Mixes available, how do you know if the brand your using is authentic? That’s easy too, if you know what to look

Panko is not a brand name, it’s a product description of a very distinct type of Japanese breadcrumb. A truly authentic Japanese Panko is made from a short list of high quality ingredients and produced in a very specific way. Because the word Panko is popular, it’s commonly used to describe a wide range of

A prominent trend in the food industry has been a very simple word “Mindfulness”. This simple and straightforward word suggests the mind is fully engaged to what is occurring in the present moment. It’s been so prevalent that Innova Market Insights named “mindfulness” as its #1 trend for 2018. What does that have to do with

In the past the customary practice for many restaurants was to make their own breadcrumbs from day-old bread and dinner rolls as a way to minimize waste, save money and also try to create a unique and better crumb for their recipes. Are you one of the many restaurants still making your own breadcrumbs from