One the best parts of my job is talking with professional chefs and listening to their praises and complaints about all things food. Professional chefs are incredibly creative, combining science and art with a keen attention to detail. These qualities are critical to their success (and our happiness as consumers!) When I ask professional chefs

If you haven’t already, check out the current online “Catering Magazine“. Upper Crust Enterprises’ Authentic Japanese Panko was featured in their “Products you can’t live without” section. And we couldn’t agree more! Authentic Japanese Panko is a “must have” in any professional kitchen. Is Your Panko Hard & Dense? If it is, you’re using the

One trend in the food industry that continues to skyrocket is the consumer demand for authentic, real food choices. Real, authentic food with clean simple ingredients is a standout value for consumers in 2017. Not all Panko is created Authentic For over 35 years, Upper Crust Enterprises has been producing Authentic Panko breadcrumbs for Japanese

Exclusively for professional chefs and restaurants (small and large!) Looking for restaurant quality ingredients? We invite all professional chefs and food distributors to try a free sample of our Authentic Japanese Panko. Replace your current bread crumbs with Upper Crust Enterprises Japanese Panko bread crumbs and win big with your customers.   We guarantee our

Considering adding an organic or clean label Panko for your restaurant menu? The popularity of organic and clean label foods and ingredients continue to skyrocket, and aren’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon! Meeting the demands for healthier better-for-you foods isn’t always easy, costs and short supply can pose problems. Organic products tend to

Improving efficiency at the expense of quality is one of the mistakes made in the restaurant industry that affects long term success. The recent article in FSR “Are We Witnessing the Death of Casual Dining?” was not a big surprise to many. When quality is downgraded year after year and replaced with “so called” efficiency

Did you know that a third of meat eaters are seeking to reduce meat consumption? This is directly contributing to the increased popularity of plant-based proteins. Last month at MUFSO the vegan and vegetarian popularity was echoed by the presentations of meatless dishes including, Falafel, whole grain salad with wheat berries and red quinoa and

Consistently we are hearing how customers are demanding clean ingredients and healthier food choices. This was echoed again at the MUFSO conference in Dallas last week. Menu trend expert, Nancy Kruse, spoke on the ever-growing need for restaurants to clean up their supply chain. Kruse said, “The velocity at which this demand moved from what

Tempura is a delicious batter for frying vegetables, meats and seafood, if you’re using an authentic tempura batter. Unfortunately many commercial batters tend to be oily, soft and just don’t hold up well. If you’re looking for a tempura batter that is versatile and will give your menu items a perfectly cooked inside with a

Panko is too often associated as “just a crispy coating” for fried food.  Nothing could be further from the truth. An authentic Japanese Panko is more versatile than you might think – it could possibly be one of the most versatile ingredients in your pantry! As professional chefs consistently strive to elevate their craft, something