A chef is a master of many cooking techniques; flambéing, poaching, and yes, even frying. That perfect crisp is no accident, and according to The Food Lab, there are several different coatings to choose from to deliver the flavor and texture experience you desire. Knowing the breading varieties available to you and their traits can

Toss the breadcrumbs and make room for Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko! It’s the secret ingredient that’s far too often over looked when preparing vegan and vegetarian foods. As a binder for veggie burgers, a light crispy breading and even a topper for baked fruit, a truly Authentic Panko will enhance flavor, add a

We love it when food industry giants, like Bon Appetit, shine the spotlight on Panko! Recently Bon Appetit published an article by Alex Delany, Panko Is the Best Thing to Buy at the Grocery Store.  Mr. Delany writes “Panko breadcrumbs are little, crispy, airy, Japanese miracles.” This is one of the best and truly accurate

For the past several years the food industry has been bustling on the topic of clean and healthier ingredients.  The consumers demand for better quality food options are continuing to rise.  However, many restaurant operators don’t know what to do to meet these demands and are concerned with making a change that might drive away

Amidst a massive breadcrumb recall by the meat and poultry industry due to undeclared allergens, it brings to light exactly how many (if not most) breadcrumbs are made. And most importantly, how clean the ingredient declarations really are. Unfortunately most breadcrumbs are made using day-old and even expired bread from grocery stores that are then

If you’ve ever experienced the disappointment of using a batter mix only to find out it’s soft and oily and just doesn’t hold up, you’re not alone. Upper Crust Enterprises has a little secret we’d like to share – The real secret to achieving a light and crispy batter is to start with an Authentic

Are you’re looking for a healthy alternative to traditional deep fried foods, but still want the crispy texture and the beautiful deep golden color? The secret is simple – use an Authentic Japanese Panko! Cracker meal, corn meal, standard breadcrumbs and even standard Panko will be dense, with a greasy texture in fried and oven-baked

At the 20th annual Research Chefs Association conference held in San Juan, Monica Watrous from FoodBusinessNews.net covered the leading trends during the Culinology Expo.  She wrote an excellent article highlighting 5 key leading trends in the foodservice market.  Two of these trends caught my eye and I want to discuss in more depth. World of

Recently Serious Eats published an excellent article – Everything You Can Do with Panko. The article describes the versatility of panko, but more importantly, the author describes the importance of using a truly authentic panko – and we couldn’t agree more! Authentic Panko vs Standard Panko If you’re using panko that is dense, hard or

One the best parts of my job is talking with professional chefs and listening to their praises and complaints about all things food. Professional chefs are incredibly creative, combining science and art with a keen attention to detail. These qualities are critical to their success (and our happiness as consumers!) When I ask professional chefs