In 2015 there was a significant increase of notable chefs moving towards fast-casual dining operations. The increase was so strong that the NRA in conjunction with the American Culinary Federation has listed this at No. 2 in their “What’s Hot” forecast for 2016. If you are considering moving your menu in this direction and want

Front and center of the 2016 food trends is the increasing demand for “real food”, food free of additives, antibiotics and artificial components. The demand for real food has been evolving over the past few years and more than ever before, consumers are demanding quality food, prepared with quality ingredients. At Upper Crust Enterprises we’ve

According to Andrew Freeman, “Vegetables are the hero this year.” This is a great article and we hope you visit Nations Restaurant News to see what else is picked for the Hot Food Trends of 2016. If you are planning on creating a more vegetable-based applications for your menu, we invite you to see and

If you are using Panko just for frying your menu is missing out. Panko is great in baking, sauteing, as a mix-in ingredient, appetizers, side dishes and yes, even panko for dessert! Panko For dessert, an easy sweet topping: Add melted butter to Authentic Panko until moist; Saute or oven bake until the Panko turns golden brown;

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NRN has published a blog article about food quality “Food matters, and McDonald’s just proved it”. The article in interesting as it explains how customers do notice a difference with the smallest of changes and how small improvements in quality will deliver big results in sales. Using McDonalds as their example it outlines some small

What sets Panko apart from the usual bread crumb – The Processing! Panko is made from bread baked by electrical current.  This unique method was developed during World War II when Japan was fighting Russia out of a necessity to cook bread without heated ovens. The result was the ingenious idea of using electric current

When it comes to bread crumbs, most of us are very familiar with the standard bread crumb. A kitchen staple, bread crumbs are always on-hand to use in many Italian favorites like Chicken Parmesan or adding to meatballs or meatloaf. But did you know there are significant differences between Authentic Panko bread crumbs and standard

The origins of what we know today as Authentic Panko, lie in 15th through 17th century feudal Japan. During this era, Portuguese sailing explorers and missionaries introduced wheat-based ‘pao duce’ (bread) to Japan, adding it to what had previously been a rice-based diet. The Japanese created something called ‘kasutera’, or castella cake that has a

If you’re looking for a few interesting ways to add more life to your menu, it might be as easy as combining some of today’s hottest menu trends with Authentic Japanese Tempura! For the past several years running, consumers remain interested in Asian inspired foods. Tempura is one of the more popular Asian menu items,