Recently Serious Eats published an excellent article – Everything You Can Do with Panko. The article describes the versatility of panko, but more importantly, the author describes the importance of using a truly authentic panko – and we couldn’t agree more! Authentic Panko vs Standard Panko If you’re using panko that is dense, hard or

One trend in the food industry that continues to skyrocket is the consumer demand for authentic, real food choices. Real, authentic food with clean simple ingredients is a standout value for consumers in 2017. Not all Panko is created Authentic For over 35 years, Upper Crust Enterprises has been producing Authentic Panko breadcrumbs for Japanese

Consistently we are hearing how customers are demanding clean ingredients and healthier food choices. This was echoed again at the MUFSO conference in Dallas last week. Menu trend expert, Nancy Kruse, spoke on the ever-growing need for restaurants to clean up their supply chain. Kruse said, “The velocity at which this demand moved from what

Tempura is a delicious batter for frying vegetables, meats and seafood, if you’re using an authentic tempura batter. Unfortunately many commercial batters tend to be oily, soft and just don’t hold up well. If you’re looking for a tempura batter that is versatile and will give your menu items a perfectly cooked inside with a

Panko is too often associated as “just a crispy coating” for fried food.  Nothing could be further from the truth. An authentic Japanese Panko is more versatile than you might think – it could possibly be one of the most versatile ingredients in your pantry! As professional chefs consistently strive to elevate their craft, something

Blue Apron prides themselves on using only fresh, seasonal ingredients from trusted farmers and artisans. And how they achieve this goal is nothing short of amazing. The research, the science and pure inventive genius behind their business is worth taking a look at. Recently Sarah Halzack of the Washington Post published, “Why this start-up wants

More than ever before customers are demanding fresh and clean ingredients. Improving the quality of even the smallest ingredient can have a huge impact on not only taste, but on the appearance as well. Last year we published an article “Small Changes Provide Big Results“. The article is a great read and outlines how McDonald’s

In 2015 there was a significant increase of notable chefs moving towards fast-casual dining operations. The increase was so strong that the NRA in conjunction with the American Culinary Federation has listed this at No. 2 in their “What’s Hot” forecast for 2016. If you are considering moving your menu in this direction and want