Defining The Subtle Differences of Crispy & Crunchy for Better Food Textures

Crispy Crunchy TextureProfessional chefs know the flavor experience is all about achieving the prefect combination of taste and texture. Achieving the precise balance isn’t always easy, nor is it easy to know exactly which element went wrong and why. However, we do know when texture and taste align, its pure perfection!

Obtaining the perfect combination of taste and texture is both art and science.  Crunchy and Crispy are two different textures frequently confused and often considered to be the same. There are subtle, yet very distinctive differences between crispy and crunchy, not only in their texture, but also in how the brain perceives these differences. Understanding these subtle variances can be the “Wow” factor needed to take menu items from ordinary to extra ordinary. Achieving the perfect texture balance is vital to the success of any dish.

Evaluation of Crispy and Crunchy Textures

An interesting study was done on this subject from the Eastern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture, Wyndmoor, PA; Critical Evaluation of Crispy and Crunchy Textures: A Review. The review is packed with in-depth information on identifying subtle texture differences and consumers perceptions between Crispy and Crunchy textures.

The textural attributes difference between crispy and crunchy are:

Crisp Definition:
A dry rigid food which, when bitten with the incisors, fractures quickly, easily, and totally while emitting a relatively loud, high-pitched sound.

Crunch Definition:
A dense-textured food which, when chewed with the molars, undergoes a series of fractures while emitting relatively loud, low-pitched sounds.

A great example of crispy is: Lettuce with a light crispy texture. Who want’s crunchy lettuce? Crunchy is dense, which is great for hard texture items like corn nuggets. Using this research can help you determine the best-fried coatings to achieve the perfect balance of crispy or crunchy textures that customers crave.

Creating The Perfect In-Balance Texture with Fried Foods

The research discovered with fried food, if the texture was too crunchy it gave the perception of being over-breaded or over-cooked. This would be especially noticeable with soft textured proteins like cheese, fish, seafood, chicken or vegetables such as onion rings, zucchini and peppers. If the outer coating of fried food is too hard or crunchy it creates an out-of-balance texture with the soft interior.

The study emphasizes the importance of noticing the subtle differences in coating texture to avoid the overcooked/dense texture imbalance on soft textured foods. Finding the right light crispy coating allows you to better achieve the perfect texture balance while maintaining the foods integrity.

The Food Lab Results – For Crispy Texture use Authentic Panko

The Food Lab created a Pros and Cons, using the most popular coatings for fried food, and found that Panko scored the highest in crispy texture.  Authentic Panko is a perfect solution for keeping your coating texture “Crispy”, in-balance and on-point. The texture of an authentic Panko is light and delicate. However, not all Panko is the same. Just like Crispy and Crunchy, there is a difference between Standard Panko and an Authentic Panko.  Knowing the difference will help you maximize the flavor experience of your fried foods, creating the perfect alignment of taste and texture. And best yet, deliver results that will keep your customers happy and loyal.

Authentic Panko Compared to Standard Panko

If you didn’t know there was a difference between standard foodservice Panko and Authentic Panko, don’t feel bad, many food professionals don’t. We hear all too often “Panko? It’s all the same right?” Wrong. The difference between Authentic Panko and standard Panko is significant.

Authentic Panko is easy to spot. It is all about texture and shape. Authentic Panko will have a delicate light texture crumb, not hard or dense. Just touching the Panko you can feel the difference. The main reason authentic Panko is more delicate is because it has more air pockets in each crumb. Those air pockets do two things, provide a delicate crispy texture and when fried oil goes into the pockets, it drains out when removed from the fryer, providing a less greasy oily taste.

It’s these unique characteristics that allow an Authentic Panko to stay crisp and hold up to hot oil better and longer, without the oily or greasy taste. Authentic Panko is also flaky and sliver shaped, not round and dense. The flaky sliver shape provides more highlights and makes the coated item look bigger but will not taste over breaded.

Crispy Crunchy Texture with Panko

Many standard brands do not use traditional quality ingredients and rush the process – completely missing the main elements that make an Authentic Panko a superior product, thus resulting in a hard dense coating, perpetuating the “out-of-balance texture syndrome”.

Don’t settle for standard panko, life is hard enough running a restaurant your Panko shouldn’t be.

To learn more and see how Authentic Panko is made take a virtual plant tour Panko the Secrets Revealed – it’s actually a fascinating process.

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