Enhance Taste with Texture

Enhance Taste with Texture with PankoEating is an experience and taste buds can get bored if the flavor or the textures are too uniform.

A dish as simple as Mac and Cheese is a perfect example of how texture influences taste. The creamy texture of the dish is great, but after a few bites, your taste buds start looking for something different to counter the soft creamy texture.  The same is true with ice cream, making crispy/crunchy toppings so popular. Adding a crisp-crunchy topping to a dish adds a whole new dimension.

Taste is All About Flavor and Texture

An easy way to improve the flavor experience is to add texture to normally soft food items. Incorporating texture to soft food items without changing the flavor of your dish is key. Historically nuts, fried onions, croutons, tortilla chips, are used but they can add flavor, and impact the overall flavor.

A perfect alternative is to use an authentic panko. Panko is toasted and best of all flavor neutral, allowing you to add the crispiness you’re looking for without altering the flavor.

If you want to add a crispy texture and a little extra flavor, you can easily customize the seasoning of panko to match your dish from savory to sweet. It’s as easy as adding melted butter to an authentic panko and oven bake or sauté until it turns a light brown color. Remove the panko from heat and then add your own seasoning. Once toasted, the panko will stay crispy all week long in dry storage.

Not all Panko is created equal

Not all Panko is created equal – insist on authentic Panko. We take our time to make Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko bread crumbs right each and every time. Please visit the Japanese Panko section of our website to learn more.

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We guarantee our Panko will:

  • Taste lighter and crisper.
  • Stay crispy longer.
  • Provide a better yield than standard bread crumbs.

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