Take Advantage of the #1 Trend in 2018 with GMO Free Ingredients

GMO Free Panko ManufacturerA prominent trend in the food industry has been a very simple word “Mindfulness”. This simple and straightforward word suggests the mind is fully engaged to what is occurring in the present moment. It’s been so prevalent that Innova Market Insights named “mindfulness” as its #1 trend for 2018.

What does that have to do with the restaurant business? Everything. The new consumer attitude, led by millennials, want to know exactly what ingredients are used in their food and how it is prepared. They are seeking quality, simple, GMO Free, clean ingredients.

Consider Using a GMO Free Panko Instead of Standard Breadcrumbs

Compare the ingredient list of your current breadcrumbs (which has 15 + different ingredients plus several allergens) to a GMO Free Authentic Panko breadcrumb.

A good quality authentic Panko will have a simple, clean, Non-GMO ingredient list of:

  • Wheat Flour
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Yeast
  • Sea Salt

No preservatives, dough conditioners or any flavor enhancers.

Aren’t All Panko breadcrumbs the same?

No, not all Panko is created equal and not all Panko have a clean Non-GMO ingredient declaration. You need to know what makes Panko authentic. Panko should not be round, hard and dense,  it should have a light airy texture with sliver shape crumb.  Upper Crust Enterprise’s GMO free Panko is an Authentic Japanese Panko with an incredible light airy texture and large sliver shaped crumb. At Upper Crust Enterprises, keeping our Authentic Panko clean, simple and GMO free is much more than a trend; it’s how we’ve been doing it for over 35 years. This results in a light airy crispy texture Panko highlighting what it is coating vs over powering it. In addition the light airy texture gives our authentic Panko the ability to absorb 3 times its weight in moisture – making it an excellent binder and mix-in for items like burgers, meatloaf, crab cakes and even as a top crusting for desserts.

Request Your Free Sample of Non-GMO Authentic Panko

All of our GMO Free Authentic Panko items are also Kosher & Halal Certified. We offer free sample kits of our Panko products to professional chefs and food distributors.

We invite you to compare our authentic Panko with your current standard Panko or breadcrumbs, we are confidant you will be glad you did.

We guarantee 100% our Authentic Panko will:

  • Taste lighter and crisper.
  • Stay crispy longer.
  • Provide a better yield than standard breadcrumbs

As the demand for healthier, GMO Free foods continue to escalate, it’s more important than ever to make sure your ingredients are on trend.

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