Upper Crust Enterprises Panko Receives GMO Free Certification

GMO Free PankoUpper Crust Enterprises is proud to announce our Authentic Japanese Panko products have received GMO free certification by BioChecked.

Our Panko products were evaluated by a leading, independent, genetic testing laboratory and met the high standards BioChecked has established. Upper Crust Enterprises can now display with honor the NON GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CERTIFIED™ brand on all of our panko products.

We have been providing our consumers with Non-GMO products for the past 35 years. With the growing concerns regarding GMO’s, it was important that our products possess the BioChecked seal to assure our consumers peace of mind knowing  our Panko is truly GMO free.

GMO Free Panko

Our  GMO free Panko is an Authentic Japanese Panko and has a light airy texture with a large sliver shape crumb. The result is a light airy crispy texture and better plate presentation.

Using only simple clean ingredients without preservatives, dough conditioners or any flavor enhancers while maintaining the traditional Japanese methods is what makes our panko products simply the best.

Request Your Free Sample of Non-GMO Panko

All of our GMO Free Panko items are also Kosher & Halal Certified. We offer free sample kits of our panko products to professional chefs and food distributors.

We invite you to compare our authentic Panko with your current standard Panko, we are confident you will be glad you did.

At Upper Crust Enterprises, keeping our Panko clean, simple and being GMO free is much more than a trend; it’s how we’ve been doing it for over 35 years.



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