Grubhub Releases 2018 Annual “Year In Food”

Chicken Milanesa

Chicken Milanesa

Christmas came a little early this year with the release of Grubhubs Annual “Year in Food” report. Grubhub, the leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace, analyzed millions of orders placed by more than 16 million diners on its platform and surveyed consumers across the country on their ordering tastes and eating habits, to find out what food trends were the most popular in 2018.

Taking the top spot for the food surging the most in popularity was the bean burrito, second runner-up was the increased popularity of cauliflower rice bowls. With chicken sliders coming in at an impressive number three position on the list.

While chicken didn’t make the number one spot, number three (and being listed three times on a top 10 list) is nothing to cluck about! If you want add a little something special to your menu’s chicken options in 2019, Upper Crust Enterprise has the perfect solution.

GMO Free Authentic Japanese Panko

Panko is one of the most overlooked ingredients in the professional kitchen, which is a shame, because our Authentic Panko is flavor neutral, which eliminates the “bready” flavor, making it more versatile than standard breadcrumbs and even many standard panko brands.

Best of all, with diners looking for clean ingredients, without added “stuff”, Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko is made without preservatives, artificial flavors, dough conditioners, and is certified GMO free. Each and every batch of our Panko is produced using the traditional Japanese methods, resulting in an Authentic Panko that is the perfect light and airy coating for fried foods, a top coating and even as a mix-in for chicken meatballs!

Experience A Truly Authentic Japanese Panko

We personally invite you (Professional Chefs, Restaurants and food distributors only) to try Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko – FREE.

japanese panko

Experience firsthand the difference an Authentic Japanese Panko will have on your menu items.

We guarantee our Authentic Panko will:

  • Taste lighter and crispy.
  • Have a delicate crispy texture that stays crispy longer.
  • Provides a better yield than standard Panko.
  • Deliver a better plate presentation making coating items look bigger but not taste bready.

Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko is available exclusively to Professional Chefs, Restaurants (large or small) and Food Distributors.

After you receive your free sample of Upper Crust Authentic Panko, visit our Recipe Suggestions and have fun trying new recipes and discovering how a tiny little crumb can have such a great impact on your favorites dishes!

All of our Authentic Panko products are certified GMO Free, vegan, Kosher and Halal.

At Upper Crust Enterprises, keeping our products clean and simple isn’t a trend; it’s how we’ve been doing it for over 35 years.

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