Panko. Keeping it Real for over 35 Years.

Panko Parmesan Crusted HalibutFront and center of the 2016 food trends is the increasing demand for “real food”, food free of additives, antibiotics and artificial components. The demand for real food has been evolving over the past few years and more than ever before, consumers are demanding quality food, prepared with quality ingredients.

At Upper Crust Enterprises we’ve been keeping it “real” for over 35 years. For us, keeping our Authentic Japanese Panko and Tempura batter mix free of additives, antibiotics and artificial ingredients isn’t a trend; it’s who we are.

Our Panko is non-GMO; we never use dough conditioners, chemicals or any additives. We make our Panko using Traditional Japanese methods and take the time to do it right. To make Authentic Panko it is a two-day process and the quality of the ingredients are important. Our All Natural and Whole Wheat Panko have very clean ingredients, with only 4 ingredients – (Unbleached wheat flour, cane sugar, yeast, sea salt).


Not all Panko is created equal

Not all Panko is Created Equal

Not all Panko is created equal and there is a noticeable difference between an authentic Panko and a standard Panko.  If you thought all Panko was the same let us send you a Free Sample of an authentic Panko for testing.   Upper Crust Enterprises has been making authentic Panko and tempura batter mix for over 35 years with most of our products being used by Japanese restaurants worldwide. However we are seeing many non-Asian restaurants requesting our Panko because of the performance.  You will notice our authentic Panko will have a light airy texture with a large sliver shape crumb.  The result is a light airy crispy texture and better plate presentation.   There is no risk – request your free Panko sample today.

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