Lavender Poached Shrimp with Panko Biscuit

Form 16/20 shrimp on skewers to make little shrimp disks and poach in water containing dried lavender blossoms and lemon set aside. Oven bake 2 inch size biscuits made of Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020), red onions, yellow and red bell pepper, lemon zest, mascarpone, egg, flour, mint, chives, and parsley. Place shrimp on top of a simple fennel salad (lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil) and then stack the Panko biscuit on the top of the shrimp. Serve with a sherry vinegar reduction sauce.

2009 3rd place recipe provided by Lisa Deaver & Erin Vasquez from CSCA of Pasadena CA

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