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Panko 00124 All Natural Panko 20lb Bag

The Culinary Institute of America recently published an article on culinary trends “CIA conference highlights emerging culinary trends”. One of the key trends is to provide cleaner ingredients in their menu items because of demand from customers wanting more natural cleaner flavors. The demand to keep products simple and to have cleaner ingredient declarations has been consistent and growing trend in the food industry. Upper Crust Enterprises has been committed to this trend since the company was created over 35 years ago.

Our Panko has always been produced without preservatives, dough conditioners and produced with traditional Japanese methods to create an Authentic Panko that is light and airy and taste great.  Not all Panko is created equal and using an Authentic Panko does make a difference.

Clean Simple Ingredients – Authentic Panko

If you do not know what Authentic Panko is please visit our site and we also encourage you to watch our plant tour video.

To restaurant chefs take advantage of the clean ingredient trend please try the following products in your recipes:

  1. Authentic PankoCode 01020 Large grind: Our #1 seller, made the traditional way; simple core ingredients (bleached wheat flour, shortening (palm oil), cane sugar, yeast, salt). NON-GMO, Trans Fat Free. Our panko is flavor neutral so it just adds a crispy texture that is light & airy – Never heavy, greasy or bready like many of the other standard Panko brands
  1. ALL NATURAL Panko – Code 00120 Extra Large grind: Taking our simple Authentic Panko and making it with all Natural Ingredients to provide an even cleaner ingredient list (Unbleached wheat flour, organic cane sugar, yeast, sea salt).  Our All Natural Panko is for customers that want to have the cleanest ingredient declaration of any Panko. NON-GMO, Trans Fat Free and All Natural.
  1. New WHOLE WHEAT Panko – Code 02025 Large grind: Our Whole Wheat Panko uses the same formula as our All Natural Panko, but made with Whole Wheat Flour. Providing 27 grams of whole grain in every serving. It is has a light brown color and a little touch of nutty wheat taste. Our Whole Wheat Panko is great for baking and top crusting.  NON-GMO, Trans Fat Free & All Natural.

Kosher and Halal Certified Panko

All of our Panko items are also Kosher & Halal Certified. We offer free sample kits of our products to professional chefs and food distributors. We invite you to compare our authentic Panko with your current standard Panko, we are confident you will be glad you did.

At Upper Crust Enterprises, keeping our products clean and simple isn’t a trend; it’s how we’ve been doing it for over 35 years.



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