Panko for Dessert? Yes!

If you are using Panko just for frying your menu is missing out. Panko is great in baking, sauteing, as a mix-in ingredient, appetizers, side dishes and yes, even panko for dessert!

Panko For dessert, an easy sweet topping:

  1. Panko for dessertAdd melted butter to Authentic Panko until moist;
  2. Saute or oven bake until the Panko turns golden brown;
  3. Add sugar & cinnamon to taste.

Sprinkle on fruit or any soft dessert to add a unique crispy texture.

Don’t stop there! Try adding Authentic Panko to your favorite cookie recipe. You will be surprised at how it improves your cookie. Try it with any of your favorite recipes or use our Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe.

Remember not all Panko is the same and to have the best results demand Authentic Panko.  To learn more about what makes Panko authentic (light airy texture with flaky sliver shaped crumb) and why it matters on your menu, watch the video “Panko Bread Crumbs – The Secrets Revealed”

If you have never tried an Authentic Panko visit to request your FREE SAMPLE. Also included will be a menu application packet with over 120 menu ideas using Panko & Tempura batter mix.

What’s your favorite sweet recipe for Panko?

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