Panko The Completely Customized Breadcrumb

Panko crusted baked scallops

Seasoned Panko – top crusted baked scallops

If you have a recipe that calls for special herbs and spices to make a mouthwatering breading, try it with Panko bread crumbs and see the positive reaction from your customers. Or if you have several restaurant locations, Upper Crust Enterprise’s Signature Blends can be your perfect partner by blending your spice flavor with our Panko bread crumbs to create a custom pre-blended breading. It will provide a consistent product and make it easy for your staff to create your signature menu items.

For restaurant chains let Upper Crust lend a hand in your kitchen with Japanese Panko bread crumbs or batter customized to your favorite recipe! We can customize the size, texture and the ingredients that go into your special custom blend while maintaining that scrumptious flavor no matter what you are making. Contact us and put our R&D team to work for you.

The Possibilities for Panko Bread Crumb Recipes

Panko topped mac n cheese

Top crusted Mac & Cheese with seasoned Panko

A great breading or batter can work wonders on food. Use spiced Panko bread crumbs to give mozzarella sticks their crispy shells. Top off a warm fruit crisp with a crusted Panko bread crumb seasoned with butter, cinnamon & sugar. Add a crispy layer of Japanese bread crumbs to complement juicy salmon fillets. Spicing up your Japanese Panko bread crumbs will allow your guest to experience a menu, which can only be enjoyed at your restaurant. There are countless possibilities when it comes to dreaming up Panko bread crumb recipes, and with so many options available, you might just make it the main food staple in your kitchen.

For over 100 great Japanese & American recipe favorites, visit the Recipe Suggestion section.

Custom Panko Blends

Signature Extender or Enhancer

Upper Crust’s Panko can act as an extender or enhancer for foods such as crab cakes, casseroles, au gratin dishes, meatloaf, meatballs, pizza crust and burger patties. As an extender or enhancer, Panko bread crumbs can work with other ingredients improving the moisture of the finished product and making it less dense. Panko is a great binder without making them menu item taste bready.

Spiced Bread Crumbs, Savor the Flavor

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp

Whether you like a lot of spice or just a dash, Upper Crust Panko bread crumbs mix perfectly with spices to create a unique breading for your restaurant. Your recipes will sing when you start with a high quality Japanese Panko bread crumb. Whether your recipe calls for South of the Border spiced bread crumbs, zesty Italian with extra zing or a sweet, crunchy crisp to cover your cobbler, Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko bread crumbs are the perfect start to your innovation. Learn more about what makes our Panko so much better. Click here Panko bread crumbs.

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