Panko – A product you can’t live without

Perfecting with PankoIf you haven’t already, check out the current online “Catering Magazine“. Upper Crust Enterprises’ Authentic Japanese Panko was featured in their “Products you can’t live without” section. And we couldn’t agree more! Authentic Japanese Panko is a “must have” in any professional kitchen.

Is Your Panko Hard & Dense?

If it is, you’re using the wrong Panko. When chefs talk we listen. One of the biggest complaints we hear about the standard Panko is the texture being too hard and dense – It hurts the roof of their mouth or they need to re-grind the Panko to make it smaller so the hard texture is not as noticeable. If that’s your experience with Panko, you’re using the wrong Panko.  Try a truly Authentic Japanese Panko which is delicate, light and airy. It accents and enhances your food items, never over-powers.

Perfecting with Panko

Upper Crust Enterprises authentic Panko is just that, delicate, light and airy, with a flaky sliver shape crumb. Enhancing your menu items with a light crispy texture, less oily taste and an eye appealing plate presentation – never hard or dense. The secret is in our traditional Japanese methods: blending, baking, elongated drying process, and grinding methods.

Take the Panko Challenge!

We invite all professional chefs and food distributors to try a free sample of our Authentic Japanese Panko.  Find out what you have been missing and take the challenge. Compare our Authentic Panko and taste the difference.

Our Panko products are certified Non-GMO, Vegan, No high fructose sweeteners, no Trans Fat, Kosher, Halal and Organic by request.

About Upper Crust Enterprises

Upper Crust Enterprises has been making Authentic Panko for over 35 years produced in the USA using USA supplied ingredients. The majority of our Panko is sold to Japanese and Asian restaurant chefs worldwide, however, because of our versatility and authentic quality we are becoming increasing popular in a wide range of restaurants, from Italian Bistros to major chain restaurants. Upper Crust Enterprise brand Panko is not available in grocery stores – our products are sold primarily to professional chefs and restaurants.


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