The Secret to Creating an Extra Crispy Batter

Extra Crispy Tempura Batter If you’ve ever experienced the disappointment of using a batter mix only to find out it’s soft and oily and just doesn’t hold up, you’re not alone.

Upper Crust Enterprises has a little secret we’d like to share – The real secret to achieving a light and crispy batter is to start with an Authentic Japanese Tempura Batter Mix as your base.

Extra Crispy Batter Secrets Revealed

An authentic tempura batter mix should be flavor neutral and have a very short list of ingredients; (flours, starch, baking powder and salt).  When mixed with water an Authentic Tempura batter will create a light, lacy and crispy traditional Tempura. Because an Authentic Tempura batter mix doesn’t contain spices, MSG, or flavorings it can easily be blended with any liquid, making it an excellent beer batter mix. Try hot sauce and water to create a spicy batter, you can even mix it with fruit juice to create a sweet batter mix.  The options are endless in helping you create a one of a kind crispy batter.

Not all Tempura batter mix are authentic

At Upper Crust Enterprises we have a traditional authentic tempura batter mix with simple ingredients plus a secret ingredient directly from Japan (which will remain a secret!) that helps all the ingredients work well together.  The result is an Authentic Tempura batter guaranteed to:

  • Blend easily
  • Stay crisper – longer
  • Have an extra crispy and lacy texture
  • Mix with water, beer, milk, juice – virtually any liquid
  • Egg free
  • No MSG

Our tempura never contains:

  • Eggs
  • Gums
  • Thickeners
  • MSG
  • Flavoring/Spices

Not only do those ingredients alter the flavor, they can cause the tempura batter to be soggy, oily and dense.

Upper Crust Enterprises tempura batter is always crispy and enhances food, never overpowers.

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Extra Crispy Tempura Batter Compared

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Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Tempura Batter is available through many foodservice distributors and Dot Foods.

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