Bailey's Caribbean Coconut Chicken

Blend Upper Crust Enterprises Caribbean Coconut Panko (code 03510) with Bailey’s Irish Cream liquor and melted butter until it is a light coarse crumb paste. Spoon Panko mixture on top of chicken breast fillets and bake in a 350 degree oven until done. For an extra crispy topping broil for a few minutes to brown

Pound chicken breast or veal until thin. Dust with flour mixture (flour, lemon pepper, garlic & salt) then dip in egg wash and roll in Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020). Pan fry until done. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on top. For a slightly thicker coating instead of flour or egg dip, replace with Tempura batter

Cut chicken breast into 1 inch cubes, dust chicken with dry Tempura Batter Mix (code 07230). Dip in prepared tempura batter and coat with Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020). Deep fry at (375°F) until done. Top with a white butter sauce and sprinkle with shaved almonds.

Blend Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020) with parsley, grated parmesan cheese and a little olive oil, & set aside. Mix Dijon mustard, mayonnaise and garlic. Dip chicken breast into mayonnaise/mustard mixture and roll in Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Panko (code 01020) . Bake in oven at 350 degrees until done.

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Gently spray Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020) with vegetable oil and mix in Parmesan cheese, pepper, and parsley; set aside. Add dry hot mustard and granulated garlic to tempura batter mix (code 07230). Roll chicken in the dry tempura mix and shake off excess. Dip chicken in prepared tempura batter and then coat with Panko

Pound chicken thigh, pork cutlet or beef cutlet to 1/4 inch thick. Mix granulated garlic, black pepper and seasoned salt to dry Tempura Batter mix (code 07230). Dredge protein in dry tempura batter mix then dip in prepared tempura batter made with water or beer and coat with Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020). Deep fry