Blend finely crushed pistachio nuts with Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020) and pepper, and dill. If you spray the Panko with vegetable oil first the spices and crushed pistachios will stay mixed. Dust fish in flour then dip halibut in buttermilk then roll in Panko/pistachio mixture and pan fry until done.

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Mix 50% ground pork with 50% peeled shrimp pieces along with smashed bananas, minced garlic and diced plantains. Roll meat mixture into 1 oz balls, dip in egg wash, coat with Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020) and deep fry until done. Serve as an appetizer or side dish with seafood or a pork cutlet.

De-glaze Rock fish by rinsing in cold water. Dust fish with dry Tempura Batter mix (code 07230) seasoned with Lemon Pepper shaking off excess. Dip in prepared Tempura batter seasoned with lemon pepper and then roll in Authentic Japanese Panko breadcrumbs (code 01020). Deep fry at 350-375°F until golden brown. Serve with Tartar Sauce (mayonnaise,

Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

Start with 2-3 oz of cod fillet, rinse in cold water and dust in dry Tempura Batter mix (code 07230), shake off extra and dip in prepared Tempura batter made with a strong lager beer instead of water. Deep fry at 350-375 degrees until golden brown. For more beer flavor soak the fish in beer

Light & Crispy Shrimp Skewers

Skewer medium size peeled and deveined shrimp on wooden skewers. Dust skewered shrimp with dry Tempura Batter Mix (code 07230). Dip in prepared Tempura Batter. Roll in Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020). Deep fry until golden. Serve with various dipping sauces. Coated Shrimp can be pre-staged.