Don’t Miss the Boat

tempura battered fish & chipsWe wanted to share with you a great article from Seafood Source about how Chef Gordon Ramsay is opening a Fish & Chip restaurant in Las Vegas later this year, and how news of it has sparked global interest in this traditional British dish.

The opening of Chef Ramsay’s new restaurant has the potential to drive a renewed interest in fish & chips for restaurants.

If you currently serve, or are considering adding Fish & Chips to you menu, this is a great opportunity for you to sample our Extra Crispy Tempura Batter Mix.

 The Tempura Batter of Choice

Don’t let the name Tempura Batter mix fool you. Our tempura batter mix is a dual-purpose batter – It creates a super crispy traditional tempura coating when mixed with water. However, it can also be blended with any liquid. Be creative, try beer, wine, fruit juice or even soda for a unique one of a kind taste for your restaurant customer.

The Upper Crust Enterprises Tempura Batter mix has no seasoning or flavors, no MSG, and is a blend of two flours plus a secret ingredient from Japan that makes our batter light and crispy and will stay crispy for an extended time.   Because it has no flavors or seasoning it is perfect as a base batter for customization but also can be used as the pre-dip batter with Panko replacing the flour/egg wash.

Free Tempura Sample Kit

We are so confident that our product is superior in quality that if you are a Restaurant chef or a manufacturer, we will send you a free tempura batter sample kit,  as well as many different recipe ideas. Did we mention it was free?

Upper Crust Enterprises has been making authentic Panko and tempura batter mix for over 35 years. Most of our products are used by Japanese restaurants worldwide. However, we are seeing many non-Asian restaurants requesting our Panko because of the performance.  An authentic Panko will have a light airy texture with a large sliver shape crumb.  The result is a light airy crispy texture and better plate presentation.   There is no risk – request your sample today

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