Vegetarian or Vegan, Authentic Panko Makes it Better

Vegan Authentic PankoToss the breadcrumbs and make room for Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko! It’s the secret ingredient that’s far too often over looked when preparing vegan and vegetarian foods. As a binder for veggie burgers, a light crispy breading and even a topper for baked fruit, a truly Authentic Panko will enhance flavor, add a crispy texture and never (never) overpower your menu items.

Beware of Imposters

Authentic Panko is pure and perfect, but only when made using traditional Japanese methods, just like we’ve been doing at Upper Crust Enterprises for more than 35 years. If your Panko is hard and dense, it’s not authentic Panko.

The difference is significant between Authentic Panko and standard breadcrumbs:

  1. Shape: Authentic Panko has a sliver shape and flaky crumb. The sliver shape provides better highlights making the coated product look bigger and more appetizing.
  2. Texture: Authentic Panko has a light airy texture, providing a light crispy taste. Standard Panko will be round with a hard dense texture.
  3. Size: Authentic Panko has fewer fines with a larger sliver shape crumb vs. the small round crumb of standard Panko. Size matters and has a significant impact on the overall plate presentation and yield.
  4. Yield: Authentic Panko is light and airy, it provides at least a 26% better yield when compared to standard Panko. Since Panko is purchased by the pound but used by volume, the airy larger crumb goes further.

Only an Authentic Japanese Panko will give your vegetarian and vegan menu items that delicate, light crispy texture you crave without the oily taste. Did we mention it’s never hard or dense?

Panko Adds Exciting Texture to Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes

Because authentic Panko is flavor neutral, it won’t add a bread flavor, making it a perfect substitute for standard breadcrumbs. It’s light airy texture gives our Panko the ability to absorb 3 times its weight in moisture – making it an excellent binder and mix-in for items like vegetarian burgers, vegetable gratins and as a top coating for pastas, gratins and even fruit cobblers!
For application ideas, please visit the recipe section of our site.

Not all Panko is Created Authentic

Upper Crust Enterprises has been producing Authentic Panko for restaurants across the globe for more than 35 years. The secret to our success is simple, we keep to the traditional Japanese methods. Available in both All Natural and Organic and all of our Panko is certified GMO Free, vegan and Halal & Kosher.

Exclusively for Professional Chef and Food Distributors

We invite all professional chefs and food distributors to try a free sample of our Authentic Japanese Panko.  Compare and experience the differences first hand.

We guarantee Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko will:

  • Taste lighter and crisper.
  • Stay crispy longer.
  • Provide a better yield & plate presentation.

2 Responses to “Vegetarian or Vegan, Authentic Panko Makes it Better”

  1. DENISE BOLDUC says : Reply

    Can you tell me if your Panko #420 is considered vegan? I see it contains sugar. Is the sugar filtered through bone char?


    Denise Bolduc, MS, RD
    University of Wisconsin – Madison

    • Kym McLaughlin says :

      Thank you for contacting us. Our Panko is considered vegan. The cane sugar is not filtered but evaporated cane sugar. I hope this answers your question.

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