Difference between Authentic Panko and Standard Bread Crumbs

When it comes to bread crumbs, most of us are very familiar with the standard bread crumb. A kitchen staple, bread crumbs are always on-hand to use in many Italian favorites like Chicken Parmesan or adding to meatballs or meatloaf.

But did you know there are significant differences between Authentic Panko bread crumbs and standard bread crumbs? Both are bread crumbs, however, they perform very differently because of the cooking process and ingredients.

Here are some key differences and the effect it will have on your menu item.

1.    Shape: Authentic Panko has a sliver shape crumb vs. the small hard round crumb of standard bread crumbs. The sliver shape will provide better highlights making the coated product look bigger and more appetizing.

panko shape

          Authentic Panko vs. Standard Breadcrumbs

2.   Texture: Authentic Panko has a light airy texture vs. the hard dry texture of standard bread crumbs. The light airy texture is what gives Authentic Panko its lighter and crispier taste. Authentic Panko also holds up better to sauce. In addition the light airy texture of Panko will fry up lighter and have an appealing golden color vs. a darker color of standard bread crumbs.

              Authentic Panko vs. Standard Breadcrumbs

Less Oily taste: Each Authentic Panko crumb has little air pockets (giving it the airy texture) so when frying, hot oil goes into these air pocket and browns the crumb, but when pulled out of the fryer, the oil drains out. Providing your menu item a great crispy coating without a greasy taste. Standard bread crumbs don’t release the oil, as easily, which can create a coating that is heavy tasting.

Authentic panko is less oily

        Authentic Panko vs. Standard Breadcrumbs

Neutral Flavor: Authentic Panko bread crumbs are flavor neutral, eliminating a “bready” flavor making it more versatile in menus because it will not alter your intended flavor.

Yield: Since Authentic Panko is light and airy, it provides a 50% + better yield vs. standard bread crumbs. Since bread crumbs are purchased by the pound, but used by volume, the airy larger crumb goes further. (Picture below shows equal weight of 150 grams of product.)

Authentic Panko vs. Standard Breadcrumbs

          Authentic Panko   vs.   Standard Breadcrumbs

Not All Panko is Authentic Panko so don’t be fooled. Compare the crumb and look for the following to guarantee you are getting authentic Panko.

  1. Large sliver shape crumb (flaky look) – many Panko brands have small round crumbs
  2. Light airy texture – some Panko brand have large crumbs but they are very hard and dense.
  3. Authentic Panko will always be light and airy with a sliver or flaky looking crumb.

If you’ve yet to try a Truly Authentic Panko in your food service operation, contact Upper Crust Enterprises. They have been making Authentic Panko for over 35 years with the majority of their Panko being sold to Asian restaurants worldwide. Visit their website, www.uppercrustent.com to request your free samples and they will also include a menu application packet with over 120 recipe ideas using Authentic Panko and Tempura batter mix. Looking for more information about Upper Crust Enterprise’s Authentic Panko? Watch their video, Panko Bread Crumbs: The Secret Revealed.


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