Hearty and Tasty Whole Wheat Panko

Our Whole Wheat Panko is produced with whole wheat flour, yeast, sea salt, and cane sugar. It contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or dough conditioners; and is all natural, non-GMO, and Trans Fat free. It’s an excellent complement to baked fish or chicken, and because the whole wheat Panko has a nice brown color, it is perfect for non-fried menu options, and it also works flawlessly as a mix-in for meatballs or meatloaf. Whole Wheat Panko also offers 27 grams of Whole Grain in every 28 gram (1 oz) serving.

Same great authentic Panko you would expect, but in a hearty and tasty Whole Wheat formula. Available in large grind size. Visit our panko recipes for more suggestions, or be creative and craft your own masterpiece.

Whole Wheat Panko on Baked FishWhole Wheat Panko on Baked Fish
Whole Wheat Panko on Mac & CheeseTop Crusted Mac & Cheese with Whole Wheat Panko

Try Our Whole Wheat Panko

We are so confident you will notice the difference between our Whole Wheat Panko and competitor brands, we are offering all professional chefs and food distributors a free sample of our Whole Wheat Panko for testing.

Whole Wheat Panko has no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or dough conditioners.
It's all natural, Non-GMO, and Trans Fat free.



Verified Non-GMO


No Artificial Ingredients


All Natural


Trans Fat Free

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Our Process, Using Traditional Japanese Methods

For over 35 years, Upper Crust Enterprises Panko has been made with a proprietary blend of high protein flour and other quality ingredients. Zero chemicals or preservatives, just simple ingredients. We take our time and continue to follow traditional Japanese methods to create an Authentic Panko with a lighter and crispier texture superior plate presentation, and a better yield than competitors. You will prefer our Panko with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take the challenge and put Upper Crust Enterprises Panko to the test, experience the difference.

02025 00890749001969 Whole Wheat Panko (27 gram whole grain per serving) Large 25 lb bag